At Frith Farm, we’re a community organisation and we work on a not-for-profit basis.

That means we don’t have the budgets that the big supermarkets have for advertising or marketing.

But this year, we’ve teamed-up with creative agency, Pace Communications, to create our very own Christmas advert.

It’s on the back of Aldi’s campaign which features Kevin the Carrot – a character which has been so popular, carrot cuddly toys have become one of the must-have gifts of the season.

So far, so (sort of) good – after all, we do want to encourage people to eat more veg even if supermarkets don’t follow the low food miles and local produce model we aspire to.

But this year Aldi also introduced a new character – evil parsnip Pascal – who tries to ruin the festivities in a series of fairytale-style stories.

And it sparked an idea that we hope is a bit of fun but also one which has a serious message behind it.

Our animation is loosely based on A Christmas Carol and shows a Yuletide-hating parsnip who is visited by three spirit vegetables – a carrot, sprouts and a potato.

They show the grumpy parsnip the joy of eating together at Christmas and tell him that a dinner without veg all sharing the same plate just wouldn’t be the same.

Finally, like all good stories, there is a happy ending as after witnessing a future Christmas where veg is banned, the parsnip decides to change his ways and enjoys a celebration with all his friends.

The aim is to encourage people to eat more veg on December 25 and throughout the year.

We want more people to buy fresh food and start cooking and taking on Aldi’s depiction of an evil parsnip is a creative way to help us get that message across.

We hope you like it and we’d love for you to share it with as many people as you can.

[wpvideo OfUbnQj9]

The more people hear about us, the more vegetables we can grow. It might even persuade other growers to join us on our mission so we can work together to create better food for us all.

We’re at the end of the growing season now but we’ll be back in 2019 and until then, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!