Meet the Team


Ben Allwood

Before setting up Frith Farm I worked on Organic farms for around 5 years, after studying horticulture and Organic production at a farm outside London, I traveled around the country, I worked on many different projects in order to learn more about sustainable food production. Coming across the CSA model was a revelation, it’s a solution to so many problems, not only of our global food system but society too. We have lost touch with our environment and our food, CSA gives people a chance to re-connect. Setting up a community focused farm became my raison d’etre, as I grew up in east Hull, I moved back home to set up a CSA for the Hull and Beverley area.

Phil Millington

m farm onion

Upon seeking a simple life based on the principles of sustainable living, ecological agriculture, and self reliance, I stumbled upon frith farm! What a way to reconnect with lost ways while giving back to the planet and working contently towards a more rewarding future. I’ve been apart of ‘Frith’ for a year now and after simply seeking to fill my time with productive interests, i’m now a fully fledged dedicated soul. My passion for this giving world goes hand in hand with sustainable farming and taking the alternate route has always been my stlye. I cant think of a better investment for my time than helping feed a city in a community driven, sustainable orientated venture. This is the future of farming!

Ike Moses

Ike Stall

After finishing my Undergraduate in biochemistry, I was keen to explore a more holistic and sustainable way of living. Whilst traveling I spent much of my time in ecovillages in Europe, Turkey and Fiji where I was introduced to many different worldviews which I had not considered before, I found a deep sense of community and connection with nature. The experiences were very nourishing for me, it soon led to volunteering work with the Ecovillage network and completed a Social-Permaculture Desighn Course in Croatia.

I felt the urge to return to my roots, support my family and connect all my experiences. I came into contact with Frith Farm in Oct 2016 and was inspired by the motivation and progress Frith had achieved in such a short period of time. After volunteering for a year, I am now proud to be a full-time member of Frith Farm. Our intention is to regenerate the land and reinvigorate the local community, it’s always an ongoing process of problem solving and troubleshooting which demands persistence and focus, it is a strong training ground indeed.

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