As any gardener knows there is a lot of work that goes into preparing the land where good veg can grow and all the expenses are before any produce springs out. So, traditionally CSA member pay their contribution upfront to allow the farm to manage cash flow and best prepare for a bountiful crop. However, if this is too greater investment right now, we can secure your veg box with a small fee.

Early Bird  CSA Box offer  

6 Month – 24 week  Veg box

Starting 24th June- 2nd Dec

Options;If collecting from the farm or Beverley

Box Size Suitability Price (per week) Monthly Fee to Secure your box  Price ( Full)
Large Veg lovers & families £16 £64 £30 £384
Medium Regular Cook £11 £44 £20 £264
Small Busy people & first time £7 £28 £12 £168
  • Recipie reccomendations
  • Seasonal Harvest calendar (Have a sneek peak of what will be coming in your box)

If collecting from our drop off point in the Hull area we add a delivery charge (£1 per week). Delivery to your door £2 per week.

Don’t worry if you find yourself wasting food or in need of more you have the opportunity to upgrade/downgrade to suit your needs.

We Accept Healthy Start Vouchers

Please get in touch to arrange how to pay with healthy start vouchers.

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