The land

The Land

We have a farm business tenancy agreement with Molescroft farm near Beverley. The land is 5.5 acres and costs £500 a year rent. Before we moved on the land it had not been farmed for 10 years and was in an environmental stewardship scheme for the past 5 years, no cultivation took place in that which resulted in a rich soil with a good structure. We have a heavy rich clay with an open structure which has enabled our success, we have implemented a no dig farming method regenerating soil heath and avoiding compaction.

Molescroft Farm is family owned, farming over 600 hectares in the heart of East Yorkshire, of which more than 10% is managed primarily for wildlife and the environment. In conjunction with this, they host educational access to the farm from schools. They have been very supportive of Frith Farm, allowing us to use the land in the first place; they also help us with tractor work and have allowed us to tap into their water supply.

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