The Produce

We aim to provide the freshest organic

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ally grown produce for our members 28 weeks a year; you will receive a weekly share of seasonal produce that is harvested the very day you receive it; we produce  diverse range of veggies that will satisfy you each week.

We only supply what is grown on the farm, therefore, you will notice the contents of the box slowly change through the season. It is such a beautiful thing eating according to the season; everything is grown and harvested at the right time, resulting in far superior quality and flavor than artificially grown produce or food that has traveled for days. Being a CSA member has all the benefits of owning your own allotment without the hard work.

The reasons we grow over a 28 week season rather than all year round are; the land has a clay soil and is fairly low lying; we are not sure how the crops will fair over harsh wet winters. We need to do some more winter trials to find whether we can reliably produce top quality food all year.

As we are also keen cooks, we will share the Recipe ideas we use, the produce will come with 2 or 3 recipes each week according to what produce is available, these will be posted on the ‘recipe’ page on the website (to save using lots of paper). If any member’s have any recipe ideas of their own please share them with us via e-mail or social media.

The Crop Calendar link below shows what produce is available and when;


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