What does ‘Frith’ mean?

“The right of sanctuary has been recognised from the very earliest of times. Under a code of laws drawn up by Alfred the Great, Frith was recognised as a sanctuary. Seekers of the Frith were protected by divine law, violation of which was very severe. Among the oldest and most important of all Frith rights were those pertaining to Beverley and its Minster, the rights of the Frith existed in the distance of one league from the Minster in every direction.”

Frith means divine sanctuary; it harks back to the time when people respected divine law. If you were an outlaw or someone was out to exact revenge, you could escape to the Frith and by the grace of God you were safe, if anyone broke the rules of the Frith they would be put to death.

The land happens to be in the said Frith. Also, we are creating a beautiful and welcoming space for local people to enjoy. We thought the farm could be a sanctuary from the severity of the modern world.

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