Why We Do It

To make Quality food more accessible

In our area there is little opportunity to access quality, fresh, local produce. Frith Farm is committed to quality food; we choose varieties for flavor as opposed to productivity and all produce is delivered the day it is harvested to ensure optimum freshness.

Re-Connect people with the Land, their Food and Farmers

Frith CSA gives people a chance to become a farmer and with a direct market assured we can concentrate on producing high quality food and practice careful land stewardship. The members then get to eat the freshest, tastiest and most nutritious food they have ever experienced as all the produce is harvested the day you receive it.

The community makes it economically viable

With the community supporting the growers with labor through the workshare and volunteer scheme, it helps local small scale farming a more affordable task.

Positive Solution

CSA is such an alluring idea as it seems to be the solution to so many of the problems of the global food system. It’s based on mixed farms, local production and building community.

We all know about the problems of our current food system but Frith is not about dwelling on such things, it’s about creating a positive solution and having fun whilst you’re doing it.

Proud to be local

We care about our local area and the people in it, that is why we are creating a beautiful place for people to enjoy. Our produce is exclusively for the Hull and Beverley area and we only supply local independent businesses.

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